5 ways to collect customer feedback

5 ways to collect customer feedback, as a business organization involved with customer sales or service collecting customer reviews are important as they help any organization to keep in touch with their customers. Even if your customers do not consciously give the feedback just ensuring that it is done gives a feeling of priority to the customer.

It gives satisfaction to the customer to use your products or services when you ask for their precious feedback reinforcing the belief and trust in your brand and making them buy from you again and again.

5 ways to collect customer feedback

There are lots of channels from which a business organization can collect customer feedback and reviews like emails, phone calls, online and offline surveys, web analytics, etc. The type of channel used by any business house can help it to find out the right marketing strategy for their product or service and thus improve the sales of an organization.

The top 6 ways to collect customer feedback are-


It is the most common way to collect customer feedback. It is generally in the form of a questionnaire where the customers have to either write about the various aspects of your product, ease of use and buying assistance. Or customers have to just rate on a scale of 0to 10. It is done both in offline mode through manual forms and online using emails.

But make sure that there are not too many questions or else the customer would be bored and you might not get the proper reviews and feedbacks of the customers.


If you are providing any app-based service it is a much better technique to collect customer feedback using the app. AS the customer is already involved in searching something on your app you the customer will more likely complete the survey rather than skipping it. It will also be more accurate and not ambiguous. You can ask customers for their feedback for a particular feature or the whole app.

5 ways to collect customer feedback


It is without a doubt that the best way to understand the demands and problems of the customer is by talking to them. So you can call your customers one-by-one. It is a proactive method to reach out to customers and collect their feedback. If done the right way the customers can also share other information either good or bad which can help you to improve your service. But it involves a high cost.


Transactional emails are those emails sent to the customers when they purchase a plan or a product. It generally contains a soft copy of the invoice. Transactional emails are a unique way to gather customer feedback. It also gives the customers a good feeling as he has just bought your product/ service.


Promoters score surveys are those surveys where the customer generally rates a service on a scale from below expectation to beyond expectations. It basically finds out sentiments of customers related to your product.