This is how a website uses cookies.

The main cookies used on this website session, it’s designed to make sure that your experience to the site is as easy as possible. Below are the main uses of session:

  • Allowing website to determine your device as you use the site, so that we can treats you as an existing user when you browsing on different pages.
  • Examine your browser’s adequacy.

A choice to concede and reject cookies

Cookies do not contain any information about your personal identity, It’s just a statistical data and there is nothing as clandestine into those data.

You can manage your browser setting to decline those cookies if you want. This can be simply done by turn on reject cookies into the setting section on your computer.

Third party cookies

Our advertisement might also use cookies into their website and we have no control over it. Such cookies would be downloaded (if you allow them) into your computer once you click on those advertisements. If you want to get more information about third party cookies, please go through their policy terms individually.