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How to get the number #1 ranking in Google, Bing, Yahoo search engine

Search engines are the reasons why most of the businesses are running so effectively these days. But to make a business website to appear on the number #1 position in the search engines, the SEO experts need to be a plan in the best way. Only the best SEO planning will help one to build the authority of the business website in a terrific way. Just like your business and services, you will be able to see plenty of websites with different rankings in search engines. To take your business website to the top of the first page, you need to follow the step-by-step procedure to improve the rankings in search engines.

Write the long-form content

If you are planning to write the documentation for the product available on your website, try to write the longer content (more than 2000 words) to get a higher ranking. Try to add more topics relevant to the products and services available on your business website. If you cannot fill more content with product and service documentation, write more generic blogs on the website relevant to the subject of your business. Having longer content on your business website will help you to get the top rank compared to your competitor site.

Optimize the website for mobile

You need to have a responsive website so that it will work flawlessly on all the internet support devices. Mobile-friendly tools available in the search engines will help you in this case. Also, the theme of the website is very important which plays a major role in loading the website on mobile phones in the correct manner.

Use a .com domain for branding

If you are going to run a business website, then you need to purchase a unique domain for your brand. Try to buy the domain that ends up with .com because 84% of the top-ranking website pages are using the .com for the better-ranking results in search engines. In the website domain name, you do not need to force your keywords because to do the branding, keywords are not necessary.

Use the internal links to refer to the users

Instead of incorporating keyword-rich anchor text artificially on your business website, use the natural anchor text. Using the natural anchor text will be more useful for your readers to understand what you are trying to convey about your products and services to the users.

Write blogs frequently

The best way to attract search traffic is possible by blog writing. Hire the best blog writer, and try to write at least two blogs relevant to your business in it with the proper keyword. Writing the topics in which customers are getting attracted in large numbers will attract the traffic highly. Make sure the blog content is uploaded in the root domain instead of the separate domain.