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How to make a secure website?

Making a website is not that difficult because there are more than 100 billion websites are active online for now. For every second, more than two websites are getting hosted online in this internet era. Because of these reasons, cyber threats are increased tremendously, and many hackers hack the website from different parts of the country. To escape from this problem, you need to build your business website in a secure way. In other words, you need to make a business website free from all the cyber threats.

Do you think making a secure website for your business growth is an easy task? Definitely not because to make a website, you need to design the layout for the pages, implement the codes, execution the operations, and more. Here we give the guide for you to progress in the correct path to design and make the secure website.

1. Choose Your CMS

Unlike the olden days, you do not need to study the programming language to manage your content on the website. Much best Content Management Systems are available for you to download from the different sources to build your website in a much easier way. CMS solutions like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and more will help you to manage the contents easily through the admin panel. New updates are offered by the CMS providers, so you need to update your software frequently to keep your site secure.

2. Register for a Web Host

The web host is the real place through which your websites exist online. Free web hosts are available for you, and some web hosts will ask the website holders to pay for the commercial needs to run in a better way than the free one. Many hosting providers are offering exciting security features for the live servers, so you can use these features to protect your website from threats.

3. Design with security concerns in mind

If you upload unnecessary themes and plugins in your servers, the chance to get hacked is high. You never know about the threats that you are going to face with the free plugins, so keep your website with minimal plugins and add-ons for high-security. Simplicity is the important rule to follow at the time of designing, and make sure the products and services are presented clearly with high-quality images and unique design in the backup band.

4. Use WAF to Protect Your Site

You should not wait for a long time after hosting the website in online because it will get exposed to cyber threats. Using the web application firewall like Cloudflare, Cloudbric or Incapsula will secure your website from the cyber threats and other attacks.

5. Get the SSL certification for the website

If you do not use the SSL certifications in your business website, hijackers and other third-party hackers will come into play at the time of the transaction on your website. This will make the transactions gets shut-down automatically within seconds. Using the service provider like GlobalSign or others for the SSL certification needs will help you to do the business with your visitors in the hassle freeway.

6. Grow as a Responsible Member of WWW

Track your security needs frequently, grow with the flow, and reach more people to taste the success in your business. You can reach out with the help of the SNS so that your website will be indexed by Google, Yahoo, and other search engines. This will help you to take advantage of the SEO opportunities every day.

Following all the steps mentioned above will help you to run the business website in a more secure way like never before. Good Luck with your business!