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Latest updates of Elementor 3

When you take the best page builders available in the market for the effective page building, then Elementor 3 is also one of them. Being one of the best WordPress page builders in the market, Elementor 3 has more advanced features built for you. No matter whether you are a designer or developer or marketing manager or entrepreneur in an organization, you can work with the elementor in a hassle freeway.

Do you need to create the stunning landing pages? Are you looking to design a blog? Do you have the plan to customize your online e-commerce store? Everything is possible with the Elementor 3. Elementor 3 is a simple yet powerful plugin helps the customers to feel the power of 100% visual design.

The latest update of Elementor 3 shows it has more exciting features.

1 New Icon Library

New reactJS based interface has been used which will pick icons easier in the new elementor 3 version. This react technology acts faster, and more fun guaranteed for the user at the time of usage. All a user need to do is to click the new Icon Library button appearing on the widget to make the icon library interface pop up.

For now, you will be only able to select the pre-set icons or if you choose the picky type, you can choose the desired icon for your needs. By searching the correct keyword, you will able to filter icons much easily.

2 Font Awesome 5 Library Integration

With this update, the previous font library got a lot bigger now. Until v2.6, users will be able to choose within 675 icons available, but now everyone will get the chance to access 1,534 amazing Font Awesome 5 icons.

Font Awesome 5 is not only about the increased number of icons, but also the page speed is very fast like never before. Every user will get the best benefit in the SEO side because of the page speed. 

3 Navigator Indicators

The Navigator feature is one of the best additional editor options in the Elementor 3 Plugin. It’s more amazing, and you will surely surprise with its easy working functionality. When you start to do the Elementor’s Custom Positioning, you will be indicated about the customization work you do in the Navigator panel.

4 Help buttons

At the end of the editor panel, users can find the help button. Comprehensive documentation is the top priority for us, so this help button has been added at the end of each editor panel. On clicking the button, a new tab will open along with the documentation needed.